The London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy (LMUP)                

LMUP Versions

Licence and permissions

In the spirit of open-access, the LMUP is free to use (there is no licence agreement and no registration or permission is required) but we ask that you cite the main paper of the development and evaluation study (Barrett et al. 2004) and any other appropriate methodological LMUP papers (e.g. evaluations of the LMUP in whatever appropriate context). It is important to ensure the LMUP used is valid.

The original LMUP (English,UK)

The LMUP (Wordperfect file)

The LMUP (Word file)

The LMUP (Pdf file)

The LMUP in 2020 (English,UK)

The LMUP (2020)(Word file)

The LMUP (2020)(Pdf file)

Further information

We are exploring further updates to the LMUP in the UK. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Other evaluated versions of the LMUP

Amharic (Ethiopia)

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Chichewa (Malawi)

Dutch/Flemish (Belgium)

English (Austrailia)

English and Spanish (U.S.A.)

Hindi (India)

Krio (Sierra Leone)

Luganda, Achoil, Lugisu, Runyakole (Uganda)

Persian (Iran)

Portuguese (Brazil)

Portuguese (Mozambique)

Sinhala/Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)

Tamil and Kannada (India)

Turkish (Turkey)

Urdu (Pakistan)

Translations under evaluation and/or unpublished

Dr Chelsea Morroni, Dr Jenny Hall, Dr Geraldine Barrett (UCL) and Botswana colleagues are evaluating the LMUP in Botswana.

Frances Ampt, Prof Stanley Luchters and colleagues (Burnet University, Australia) are evaluating the LMUP in local languages as part of the WHISPER trial which aims to reduce unintended pregnancies among female sex workers in Kenya.

Karla Flores and Prof Luciana Ramos Lira (Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria) and Zenaida Martinez and Prof Roger Rochat (Emory University) are evaluating the LMUP in various translations within Mexico.

The LMUP is under evaluation in Nepal in two studies, one led by Dr Naomi Saville from UCL and one by Dr Corinne Rocca, UCSF.

Dr Elizabeth Ernstoff (University of Cape Town), Dr Chelsea Morroni (UCL), Dr Deborah Constant (UCT), Dr Jenny Hall (UCL) and Dr Geraldine Barrett (UCL) are evaluating the LMUP in Xhosa and Afrikaans in South Africa. (Further information)

Meagan Chuey and Dr Lisa Kane Low (University of Michigan) are evaluating the LMUP in Arabic with Syrian refugees in the U.S.

Dr Diane Morof and colleagues (CDC) are evaluating the LMUP in Swahili translation as part of a project to reduce maternal deaths in Tanzania.

Dr Alan Charissou, Ms Chloe Johnson, Dr Jenny Hall, and Dr Geraldine Barrett are evaluating the LMUP in France.

Lara Reck, Dr Joerdis Zill and Dr I Scholl (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf) are evaluating the LMUP in Germany

Sergio Silverio (KCL), Dr Vicky Fallon (University of Liverpool), Chiara Messina (Penta Foundation, Italy), Chiara Ionio (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) Marina Smorti (University of Pisa), Anna Maria Della Vedova (University of Brescia), and Alessandra Bramante (Humanitas San Pio X, Milan) are evaluating the LMUP in Italy

Modes of administration

Some of the above translations have also changed mode of administration, usually because of levels of literacy in the target population. One study, the Contessa Study in the UK, has carried out a telephone interviewer-administered (or CATI) version of the LMUP. This version of the LMUP has not been evaluated. Further information can be found in NatCen’s technical report from page 50 (Contessa Technical Report)

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