The London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy (LMUP)                

Scoring the LMUP

Calculating an LMUP score

The LMUP comprises six questions that are scored 0,1, or 2. The scoring system is available to download:

Original LMUP: LMUP scoring (pdf file)

UK LMUP from 2020: LMUP scoring (pdf file)

Imputing missing data

If one or more of the questions on the LMUP has not been answered, then a method of imputation of missing data needs to be used. See Instructions for imputation of missing data (pdf). Dr Jenny Hall has created a Stata do file which calculates the LMUP score and imputes missing data. (Stata ‘do file’ to create LMUP score). Dr Laura Britton and Dr Jamie Crandell (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) created (and donated) a SAS code file which imputes missing data to create a final LMUP score. (SAS code to create LMUP score).

Analysing and Interpreting LMUP scores

The scores of the individual questions are summed to give a total score between zero and 12. We recommend that you use the full range of scores in analysis where possible. See Analysis Guidance for further information (pdf) Comprehensive guidance on using the LMUP as an outcome measure has been published:

Hall JA, Barrett G, Copas A, Stephenson J. 2017 London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy: guidance for its use as an outcome measure Patient Related Outcome Measures 8:43-56 Abstract and full pdf

Interpretation of the measure is ongoing and we will be carrying out further methodological work in this area. Any subsequent amendments to the LMUP scoring scheme will be published on this site.

If you have any questions about interpretation or analysis of the scores of the LMUP, please contact Geraldine Barrett. or Dr Jenny Hall (

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