The London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy (LMUP)                

Evaluation of the LMUP in Dutch in Belgium

Dr Joline Goossens, Prof Sofie Verhaeghe, Prof Van Hecke, Dr Delbaere, Prof Beeckman (University of Ghent, Belgium) and Geraldine Barrett (UCL) carried out an evaluation of the LMUP in Dutch in Belgium among women with recent births. As with the original UK LMUP, the Dutch LMUP is self-completion format. The evaluation has been published:

Goossens J, Verhaeghe S, Van Hecke A, Barrett G, Delbaere I, Beeckman D. 2018 Psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy in women with pregnancies ending in birth PloS ONE 13(4): e0194033 Abstract and full pdf

The LMUP in Dutch is available to download here.

Two previous papers, reporting LMUP findings, has been published from the same study:

Goossens J, Van Den Branden Y, Van der Sluys L, Delbaere I, Van Hecke A, Verhaeghe S, Beeckman D. 2016 The prevalence of unplanned pregnancy ending in birth, associated factors and health outcomes Human Reproduction 31;12: 2821-2833 (Abstract)

Goossens J, Beeckman D, Van Hecke A, Delbaere I, Verhaeghe S. 2018 Preconception lifestyle changes in women with planned pregnancies Midwifery 356:112-120 Abstract

In addition to the work by Dr Goossens and colleagues, there has been a previous evaluation of the LMUP in Dutch in Belgium by Ms Sarah Dreesden and Dr Els Leuris, University of Louvain. The LMUP was administered to women in abortion and antenatal clinics. The results are presented in an unpublished Master's dissertation.


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